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Aspen's Last Shopping Frontier


Two men’s stores for the road: Tenet and Kemo Sabe.
Although Aspen has become famous for its designer luxury stores like Burberry, Pucci, Gucci, Prada , and Ralph Lauren-rife with Don Johnson and Jack Nicholson sightings–there are a couple of unique shops you can’t miss located next to each other.

Tenet is a pop-up shop. Designed by New York hipsters with a taste for mountain lifestyle, the store’s owners Jesse Warren and Greg Buntain first opened a summer version of the store in Southhampton last summer. But when winter reared its head, they moved camp to Aspen. The decor was designed and put together by the two, along with some savvy friends.

Customers are greeted by a vintage motorcycle with a sold tag (no doubt a spur of the moment purchase with a cashmere Rag & Bone sweater) as they walk in. Clothes are hung on raw rolling racks and folded on an old wooded table and vintage chests. Exposed brick walls hold both a rabbit-head horns (a jackalope?), a row of backpacks, and a Damien Hirst painting.

The store is primarily “men’s.” That being said, its menswear that girlfriends will promptly make their own. Labels include work boots by Wolverine, luggage from Filson, A.P.C, Rag and Bone, KRANE, Gogues Gallery, Apolis, Bodkin, and Helmut Lang, among others. The original art work and furniture are also for sale.

Just a bunny hop to the left is KEMO SABE. This is what Aspen shopping would be like in our dreams after a few tequilas. It also could be a stand-in for a Hollywood “Wild West” set. Stetson hats hang from every hook on the ceiling just waiting to be steamed and hand fit. Vintage denim shirts, bandanas, butter suede chaps, bull horns, fur pillows, old cowboy cartoons, and signs that say things like “we don’t serve women you’ll have to bring your own” are piled on top of each other. If you need a cowhide rug this is the place to go. We heard a rumor that if you call ahead they’ll have a cold beer waiting for you while you have your fitting.

KEMO SABE, 434 E Cooper Ave Ste., Aspen, Colorado
TENET, 307 S. Galena St., Aspen, Colorado