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Fashion Week’s Most Macabre Menswear Get-Ups (Gild That Lily!)

Juliette Lewis put it best when she once told me that fashion is a “juggernaut of dysfunction.” It’s at once the locus of sartorial daredevilry and compliance to impossible industry norms, a platform that simultaneously champions trend-setting and blind consumption. With its warm embrace, fashion has coddled geniuses like McQueen and Kawakubo, but it’s that very machine that urged us to wear mini-backpacks (didn’t listen), popped collars (God, did I ever listen), and those little dead ferrets people called “shrugs.” The arrival of this season’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City brought with it the same mix of experimentation and disaster. In most Fall/Winter collections, however, it was the men who acted as guinea pigs to the luxury glossies. Here, five Addams Family-inspired looks on which the jury is still out (mostly because the jury is still outside of the tents lamenting the loss of Bryant Park):

Diesel Black Gold | Nothing adds six-feet-under gravitas to a Canadian tuxedo quite like a sheer, black, floor-length dress worn as outerwear. Rodeo, meet rodeo.














Thom Browne | Meet me in St. Louis? I’ll be the one wearing the Tom Sawyer-on-acid scarf with matching short-sleeve shirt and culottes.














Rad Hourani | Granted, this look is more Herman Munster than Gomez Addams, but it’s still a whole lot of Joy Division-listening, Ouija board-playing angst wrapped in skin-tight leather shorts, platform boots, and an asymmetrical top that looks harder to get off than it does to get on.














Y-3 | “Hey, Mom! Nope, not much has changed since I moved to the Big Apple. Well, I have started impersonating a kitten on-the-lam. Oh, and I’m now an extra on the new Star Trek movie!”














Marc by Marc Jacobs | This is a beautiful, if slightly ornate trench coat, paired to perfection with a beautiful, if slightly ornate male coif. Still, it’s sure to please crowds at the next Manson revival.














– Nick Haramis