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Separated-at-Birth Book Smokes!
In the ’60s and ’70s, Jim Marshall took photographs of many of the most iconic images of the music scene’s demigods, from Jim Morrison to Johnny Cash. Timothy White has done the same with a subsequent generation of stars. Now the two photographers and longtime friends have combined their work in one volume designed as a visual and editorial dialogue between their bodies of work. Match Prints (Collins Design, $40) pairs pictures taken 30 years apart that relate to each other, be it a common pose, prop, expression, or in some cases, subject. On the cover is Marshall’s portrait of Jim Morrison taken in 1968 and White’s portrait of Robert Mitchum taken in 1988, both cupping cigarettes in the manner of cool cats across the decades. Two of a kind, it seems.
Now at Staley-Wise Gallery through April 24.

– Jared Paul Stern