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The iconic Rock and Roll photographer holds forth on feral cats, his stripper name and the well known person he looks up to.

Name your poison, and why?
Coffee after a yoga session or massage. It puts a little edge back on and makes me want to communicate endlessly.

What makes you happier than anything?
Feeding the three feral cats that live under the deck in my garden

Tell us something you were told as a child that wasn’t true.
That big boys don’t cry. They do and so do big girls.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?
At age 16, having my mother insist, after a glass or two of sherry, to a group of robust male school sporting friends how adorable I looked as a baby dressed all in pink. True story.

What’s your “stripper’s name”? Take the name of your first pet as your first name and your first street name as your last?
Coco Livingston

If you could be any other occupation than you are, what would it be, and why?
A race car driver. I’d finally have to learn how to drive and get over my fear of high speeds.

Describe what your “last meal” would consist of, from appetizer to dessert, and drink of choice.
Tomato soup, baked beans on whole wheat toast, apple crumb pie and
ginger beer

If you could purchase anything today, what would it be?
Another Maine Coon cat. I’m a huge fan of this breed. I have three beautiful ones already and I think they need another playmate, but my wife says we already have enough, and she’s fed up with cleaning the litter boxes.

What well-known person do you most look up to, and why?
Clint Eastwood. He’s better-looking than me, more successful than me, richer   than me, taller than me, smarter than me, more talented than me and quite a bit older than me. He’s also the greatest all-round movie-maker of our time: he does everything but write scripts. And of course he has that voice.

If you could spend an evening with one of these famous recluses-Harper Lee, Greto Garbo or J.D. Salinger – which would it be?

Greta Garbo. She would have been the most fun to look at and the least demanding to talk to.

What item(s) have you stolen from a hotel room?
Many towels.

If you knew that the world was ending soon, where would you go, and what cherished item would you take with you?
I’d stay exactly where I was, immerse myself in my copy of Karl Jung’s ‘ The
Red Book’ and then stand on my head for a couple of hours and think of
nirvana……There wouldn’t be any point in going anywhere…..

EXPOSURE: Photographer-to-the-rock stars Mick Rock; portrait by Pati Rock.