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An Introduction to Thompson Hotel’s new website ROOM 100 Blog.

When we set about creating a website and blog for our sophisticated, world-traveling guests, and other like-minded nomads, we knew what we didn’t want to do: make it simply all about how great our hotels are-in short, a self-promotion engine. (We think they speak for themselves.) But what we did want to do is to provide information, visuals, new happenings, little finds, distinct voices, creative newcomers and rebellious classics–all of which were about the things, people, places, trends, styles, and well, stuff, that inspires us, and reflect interests that are in fact subtly imagined and integrated into the vision behind our inns.

“Inn-sights,” if you will.

That means art and photography, great new books, destination dive bars and the luxest of clubs, the coolest weekender bag you can find (or couldn’t), interviews with iconic subjects from the music and movie worlds, personal journeys recaptured, nights on the town (slightly recalled). From looks back at glorious past moments to things about to happen, we wanted our blog to inform your world (with some humor infused in it all, as it can’t be all that high-minded!).

Among our topics of interest on our weekly blog, you’ll find gallery openings, photo exhibitions, and all things visual in items tagged “Artful Dodger.” Want to find out about the latest cool boutique or nightclub? Check out “This Just Inn.” Trends in style and fashion can be found in the “Looks” department. If your bag is fascinating lists, trivia, news blips, and pop culture notices, go to “Factotum.” In “Out There,” you’ll discover a grab bag of items that fit nowhere else, from an auction selling Steve McQueen’s old “Green Rat” Jag to a new book of exclusive photography of the early Rolling Stones. Want to hear about a wild night in the town, from a first-person point of view, then “About Last Night” is where to live vicariously or retread our guest night-crawlers’ paths. Since we like to hear from others on our radar, we’ve provided a personal questionnaire that special guests fill out and fill you in on. It’s called “Interrogator.” And for those interested in the worlds of design-from architects and decorators to nightclub conceptualizers-there’s “Interior Motives.” And, if you want to get out of town and far, far away, read “Wanderlust,” our personal diaries that will take you to ports both near and far-reaching. Which is, in fact, our overall motive.

Check in. Drop out.
Steve Garbarino