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First Coach Men’s Store Riding Into West Village

Breaking finally the stronghold that Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren have held on the tweedy side of Bleecker Street in New York’s West Village, Coach Leatherware just announced they will be opening in May it’s first freestanding men’s store in the celebrity-residing zone. (If one more baubble-and-T-shirt shop by MJ opens here, we may lose it in our Filson bag.) The space is expected to have the feel of a townhouse, with “original copper finishes,” mahogany awnings, and natural wood floors. The emphasis is on needful accessories, from shoes to travel bags. Since 1941, the Coach brand has thrived through various economies. Given their not-excessively pricey figures and quality stitching, we think the store is a good thing for well-heeled downtown dudes, as us guys really don’t want to start going back to thrift shops for belts and such. Why do you think we live in Manhattan, and not Williamsburg?