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Artists in Residence

New Book Shows Creative Geniuses in Their Own Little Corners

For artists and designers, a home is more than just a place to hang your fedora – it’s also a “canvas on which they can project themselves, a testing ground for creative impulses, a place to display the objects that inspire them, and a venue for experimentation with forms and materials that later appear in their own work,” as photographer Bärbel Miebach puts it in her new book, The Art of Living (Monacelli Press, $65). Twenty-five artists’ lairs are lavishly laid bare in the book, from Ellsworth Kelly’s upstate New York retreat to Andres Serrano’s gothic fantasia, as well as Hunt Slonem’s eye-popping Victorian mansion. The images – over 200 of them – run the gamut from ultra-modern to museum piece and everything in between. All of which just goes to show, excuse the cliché, that home is where the art is.

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