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Savannah Must-Stop

Art & Design

Antique map and print shop can help fill those empty walls, dudes.

If you’re one of those “Knocked Up” kind of guys, with vintage rock-and-roll posters and bicycle racks still hanging, slanted, on your walls, then heed our advice and check out the website-or road-trip to-the V. & J. Duncan Antique Maps, Prints and Book Shop, located on a historic downtown square of Savannah, Georgia.

Besides that the owners-John and Virginia (“Ginger”) Duncan are two of the sweetest, smartest, and most refined folk you will ever meet, the store is a curio shop of cool finds, including the pictured marine life print here.










Nothing looks more manly, and erudite, than having a framed antique map or bird print on your walls, even if they’re in your little loo. And the prices are more than reasonable.

Take a walk through their website at: – or check out some more maps and prints below:







The Presidential Obstacle Race , a political cartoon from “The Judge” re: Grover Cleveland and other candidates. Chromolithograph, c. l883-4







Terrestrial & Celestial Globes. Copper engraving, c. l787







Carte De la Variations De La Boussoles et Des Vent. c.1756-65