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The South Rises Again

Food & Drink

Sweet tea vodkas coming to a (Northern) bar near you.

Quietly, a rebel yell in bars, from South Carolina and Florida to Louisiana and Alabama, is being heard, and liquor distributors are heeding the call. Sweet tea vodka-most notably the Jeremiah Weed and Firefly brands-has already taken most of the Southern states, where upscale and not-so bars are selling gallons of the stuff nightly. As a summertime drink, Room 100 is enjoying at this moment a Firefly mixed with Newman’s Own lemonade on ice with a lemon twist. And the standard shots of Patron and Jaegermeister are being replaced, particularly by “the ladies,” with chilled shots of surprisingly smooth and not sickeningly saccharine 70 proofer. It’s the new Arnold Palmer! Be careful, though. It’s deceptively intoxicating. Expect the trend to trickle up I-95 North all the way, any day now: Firefly alone has expanded its territory to include 40 states in the past year.