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Walking (While Drinking) in ‘Papa’s’ Shoes


Barware and footwear inspired by Ernest Hemingway are for whomever the bell tolls for.

Among the plethora of Hemingway-branded merchandise on the market some makes more sense than others – writing desks seem okay, silk plants and throw pillows not so much. Add to that two new product lines designed to appeal to the would-be literary lion in all of us: Hemingway barware and shoes.

For a man who liked his hooch as much as Papa, the barware, upcoming from Sorella Home, seems a natural as long as they leave out the girly drinks (hard to imagine the literary sportsman swilling a Cosmo). They should probably stick to making sure the glasses hold lots of booze and don’t break too easily. Shoes would appear to be a more dicey proposition, but Oregon’s Thomas Raymond & Co. has at least secured the endorsement of Hemingway’s son Patrick, who says his dad would approve of the fact that they’re designed to be worn sans socks.











The bison-and-calf hide creations come in three different collections – Sportsman, Literary and Angler – and are fairly inoffensive. Thank god for small mercies, we guess, and the fact that so far no marketing genius has been sufficiently crass to place the great man’s name on an Ithaca 12-gauge.