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If you like a cabernet with your blue cheese patty, this will be the place.

Coming next month, Manhattan restaurateur John McDonald (LURE Bar, Chinatown Brasserie) is opening a new bistro on Houston Street in downtown, which will serve high-end burgers and other bloody pleasures along with a formidable wine list. Any local knows that Houston kind of blows-it’s the Bermuda Triangle of restaurant-and-bar land there. Architect Will Meyer, who we like a lot, is doing the design honors. While the burger trend is getting to be a glut, like fat vampires, we’re putting the seal of approval on this one to stick around. “Rare,” please, “dry,” please.

Image: John McDonald (left) at 2009 New York Food Wine Festival with Burger Bash Champion (People’s Choice), Josh Capon (right).

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