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Like Baja Fresh! With the opening of a new al fresco, food court deck at Santa Monica Place, it got us thinking about how random, and nerdy, so much of Los Angeles really is. And no one really stops and asks themselves, “Really, I’m going to eat at a glorified take-out chain?” They ALL do it, even agents. Well, good for them! Are we that cool? Some new identity-free, but tasty and “contemporary” places to eat on the Other Coast include Zengo, which is “eclectic-Asian,” at Santa Monica Place; Fresh Bites, on Sunset (by Fairfax), which we’re calling “Calitaly” fare (pizzas, pastries, breakfast); and Xino, also at Santa Monica Place (by Pico), which we’re dubbing upscale P.F. Changs. Oh, we like us some Changs, anyway.

STRIP STEAK?: Fresh Bites on Sunset is one of many new foodie spots opening in
West Hollywood and Santa Monica, mostly in gentrified malls. (We’ll stick, though,
with the old Fairfax Market, thank you.)