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Go, Car, Go!


Photographer Lee Friedlander takes an eye-opening road-trip to the Whitney Museum of American Art. Gas up to go.

The great art photographer Lee Friedlander, whose works are featured in the Thompson LES hotel, loved Americana from the ’50s through the ’70s, and in traveling in a rental car through most of the 50 states, he took pictures through rearview mirrors and windshields of what he saw of interest.

Those arresting, nostalgia-inducing images will be on display at Manhattan’s Whitney Museum of American Art, in the exhibition, “Lee Friedlander: America by Car,” September 4-November 28. Fresh material, the square box-shaped, black-and-white images were all shot over the past decade. Don’t expect Ansel Adams.

The unremarkable becomes iconic in these images, from gas stations to department stores and street and commercial signage. The show will keep your own summer road trip rolling vicariously along into fall.