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Hey, Bartender! – Christina Murphy

Food & Drink

The Thompson Beverly Hills hotel bartender riffs on ‘roofies’ and working the ABH rooftop scene. (She’s no boob, that is for sure.)

ROOM 100: Where have you worked before, and how is this different?
CHRISTINA MURPHY: I use to work with my family in their fly fishing-retail store, and they used to buy me lunch a lot and let me have pretty much any merchandise I wanted. . . I honestly think retail and the service industry are like twins. You have to be on your “A” game to deal with so many requests and personalities.

Does it help to be tan and have “endowments” as an outdoor, poolside bartender?
Well, if by a tan you mean freckles, and by endowments, you mean a whopping 34B…then hell yes!

Describe the typical girl you see there?
Either super cute, fit, with a very well put together outfit, or Botoxed to holy hell, skin that looks like a saddle, and pancake boobies.

Does working in a bar make you less inclined to get drunk yourself?

That is the ONLY thing you want to do while working in a bar. I kid. No, I don’t.

What do you think of your own “uniform?”
Well, now that I can breathe and sit down in my dress, I love it. However, zipping my thigh-skin in the dress was not so pleasant the other day.

What’s your poison, your drink of choice?
Anything that is given to me, less a roofie.

How do you spend your day off?
Crying with joy. Or texting my managers about when my next day off is.

What is the best thing about living in L.A.?
Being surrounded by people with big dreams.

That no one picks up their dog poop.

Where do you and your friends go when you want to just have a good time?
A brothel. I kid. No I don’t. Or Chuck E Cheese (they sell beer).