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James Ellroy Gets Oedipal, Again

The ‘L.A. Confidential’ author is back with ‘The Hilliker Curse: My Pursuit of Women.’ We’re scared.

In his memoir “My Dark Places,” the author of “The Black Dahlia” and L.A.’s resident natty curmudgeon, provided readers a spooky look in the trunk of his mind, finding his murdered mother as a child, then becoming almost a necrophiliac in the tragedy’s wake.

Now Ellroy’s taking it a step further, going inside his head and sexual urges to understand better his dark relationships over the years with women. Expect the requisite, fast-paced noir tone he is known for, and some scary skeletons in the closet. The book hits those remaining books chains on Sept. 7, published by Knopf. And if you hear that Ellroy is reading it anywhere, by all means take a date. She or he will think you are conventional and sweet, comparatively. Ellroy’s the king of the “reading,” and occasionally brings his genius novelist pal, Bruce Wagner, along to do characters’ voices.