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No ‘Middle of the Road’ for Chrissie Hynde


The Pretenders icon debuts new band, CD, eco-clothes line.

At 58, Chrissie Hynde-like Joan Jett and Patti Smith-isn’t slowing down. She’s just-released a new CD, titled “Fidelity!,” along with her new country-and-blues band, JP, Chrissie & the Fairground Boys. And she’s got a new fashion label. Hat trick!

For fans, JP Jones is her former 33-year-old lover, who penned all the songs with her, and has a great Welsh accent. The label is called, what else but, Fairground luck. Jones’ parents were carnies. Hynde is a long-time supporter of PETA.

We’re talking, T-shirts, skinny jeans, and non-leather jackets, handbags, and cowboy boots, all inspired by Hynde’s friend Emmylou Harris, according to WWD.

For more information on the band and the line, check out WWD.