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Portraits…and Portraits

Chuck Close and Julian Schnabel put their enduring images to page.

It’s a cracking good summer for art books, with two new monographs devoted to the great Chuck Close and a third to an overlooked facet of larger-than-lifer Julian Schnabel’s work, all published by Prestel. The Close books are titled simply Life and Work; Life gives the lowdown on the potentially career-ending disability which left Close confined to a wheelchair but more determined than ever to conquer the art world. Work features more than 300 illustrations of his iconic portraiture, from his early attempts to the prismatic grid paintings that have become icons of our time. Julian Schnabel: Polaroids showcases the artist’s snaps with a large format 20 x 24″ vintage camera, encompassing portraits of the artist’s family and friends like Lou Reed, the Beastie Boys, and Mickey Rourke, plus Palazzo Chupi, his beloved pink palace in Manhattan’s West Village. (Beloved by him anyway….)

Julian Schnabel Portraits | Buy on Amazon
Chuck Close Work | Buy on Amazon

– Jared Paul Stern