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The Afflecks Are Coming

Art & Design

Ben and Casey go neck in neck in the director’s chairs.

Remember when Ben Affleck was considered a mook-y, one-hit wonder (“Good Will Hunting”), and his brother a sad-sack pilot fish to his brother? Both have become something entirely different, accomplished filmmakers, and both are now directing films of note, coming to theaters next month.

Ben is directing “The Town,” a heist picture that stars the incredible Jon Hamm. The buzz is huge on this Boston-set caper. And Casey-who was so chillingly dead-on in this year’s  vastly underrated psycho-noir “The Killer Inside Me” (we think he deserves a best-actor nod for it, actually)-just helmed the mockumentary on Joaquin Phoenix’s departure from acting into bearded, white-boy rapping.

We’re anticipating both, and just wanted to point this out. Casey’s “I’m Still Here” opens Sept. 10; big bro’s “The Town,” Sept. 17. Go. Trailers below.