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Out There

The meat district’s new basement nightclub, The Bunker, makes us feel like kicking off our shoes and getting our party on.

Like many downtown New Yorkers, we’re not easily pulled over to the jam-packed, hard-partying world of the meatpacking district, now that it’s overrun with the biggest dweebs and trendoids in the world.

And it’s likely The Bunker owner Matt Abramcyck felt that way too. If you can’t beat them, jump in and do it better. Own it. That’s what The Bunker has done. Situated under the old Hog Pit BBQ (now Billy’s Burgers), in a 3,000-square-foot basement space that had been everything from an S&M club to a gay bar, the club opened during Fashion Week, and pretty much showed that it’s going to rock this town.

Much has been said of a nightclub renaissance, and besides Don Hill’s rebirth, The Bunker will be leading the way. It may be difficult to get in at first, but it’s a beautifully rendered space, with plenty of sitting areas, a dance floor, DJ booth, pretty much all the trappings of the standard nightclub. But the space dictates its aura, with its vaulted brick alcoves and a viewpoint in which you can see, from the door, the entire sprawling place. For being in a basement, it feels oddly airy. The staff comes from some of our favorite places, including the Waverly Inn’s bar, and no one appears to be acting dickish in any manner.

Because there’s no one living on either side of it, we’re counting on The Bunker staying open as late as Abramcyk’s old place, The Beatrice Inn. We liked that crowd, and saw A LOT of them having fun at The Bunker last week, including some of its old staff. They have the right idea. Hunker in, and by all means, go. It’s going to be a long night, but at least you’ll be able to stay put for once.