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Fashion Week’s Pop-Up Bar

Out There

Nightlife writer Fernando Gil’s new day job is keeping the style brigade well-lubed.
Starting today, BlackBook magazine and “Page Six” alum Fernando Gil is bringing a little of his Argentina homeland to downtown Manhattan with a nifty pop-up bar, which will be serving complimentary cocktails from 5 until midnight through September 20, “just below Canal Street.”

Gil’s bar–which you will have to go look for as he doesn’t want the address too readily known–will feature yerba-mate’ tea and Holland’s Bols Genever gin cocktails. And he’s gathered some of the greatest bartenders in the New York City do concoct. Here’s the schedule so far:

Tonight: Merlin Whitehawk (Formerly of: Savoy/Prime Meats)
Saturday: Jeff Hazell (Dram, K and M)
Sunday: Merlin Whitehawk (Formerly of: Savoy/Prime Meats)
Monday: Rachel Urbellis (Van Daag/Bar Celona)
Tuesday: Matthew Houlihan (Inoteca/Bushwick Country Club)
Wednesday: Krystal Lemons (Huckleberry Bar)
Thursday: Dan Greenbaum (Cornelius)
Friday: Maxwell Britten (Freemans)
Saturday: Christina Andrews (Cocktail Kingdom)
Sunday: Aaron (Jack the Horse Tavern)
Monday: Enzo Lim (Painkiller, Minetta Tavern)










QUATRO AMIGOS: Fernando Gils (left) with Room 100 editor Steve Garbarino, not pictured at the pop-up bar.

“In Argentina, Bols Genever is an old Gaucho drink and is called ‘Ginebra,'” says Gil. “It’s the drink of cool-old dudes, tango cats, and rockers in Buenos Aires. My grandfather used to drink the stuff. It’s tasty.  Mate is my crack. I drink it all day, every day. We’ll also have wine, courtesy of Bodega Elena de Mendoza, from Argentina.” Gil’s own company, Swervewolf, is the sponsor.

“It’s a place for my friends to come hang out during Fashion Week and chill. The entire thing is free, of course. Pretty much I wanted a spot where my people could post-up during Fashion Week, get some solid drinks on the house, and not have to stress out like at the events and parties and shows. The vibe of the spot is mellow.”

“Crowd-wise, it’s a mix. Today we weren’t open really, but we had media, a group of mathematicians and models. The beauty of mate’ [often served in a group gourd] is that it’s shared and passed around so people of all different types come together around it.”