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Fashion Designer George McCracken
His Spring-Summer 2011 Collection (pictured above and below) was a hit with the hipsters, as well as a blast of a time at the Thompson LES. Now the upcoming stylemaker is, well, walking on water. Everybody, get McCracken, and read below: he’s a lot of fun too.

ROOM 100: What is the most “perfect” fashion item or accessory designed in the world to you and why?

George McCracken: It sounds boring, but I think that plain cotton crew neck T-shirts are the most perfect items of clothing in the world, because every aspect of their design is essential to their function.

What is your favorite commercial packaging?
I’ve always been really attracted to the Morton’s Salt container. I really like the illustration of the girl with the umbrella, and the colors are great. 
I have no more logical explanation for liking it.

How does your own personal look translate to your clothing design?
My look sort of involves avoiding the perception that I’m trying to have a look at all. I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard. When I design a piece of clothing, I try to make it a complete object, which can exist within its own reality, and which can be easily mixed with other pieces, based on the style and taste of the wearer.

What is your favorite restaurant design, and why?
Do taco trucks count as restaurants? If so, they’re definitely my favorite because they have a perfect convenience-cost-taste ratio.

What word in “design” terms do you think is overused?
“Special,” or maybe “subversive.”

If there is one dream purchase you could make what would it be?

A Gulfstream!

Below, images from McCracken’s Spring 2011 collection presented at the Thompson LES pool.