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Docu-Snippets from New Cut Copy CD!


The Melbourne trio are keeping the beat going strong on upcoming release. Here, a preview.

The long-awaited album from the grooviest, most cosmic band from Down Under is nearing. Cut Copy-who give Talking Heads (in their African-beat mode a run for their money)-has been in their home recording studio, laying down tracks, following a blowout Lollapalooza headlining show and a Williamsburg Waterfront jam that slammed. Visit for a free download of their new song. Check out a slice of their new mini, making-of-the-record documentary below, with some ’80s-happy dance tracks in the background. If you don’t know them, they’re the anti-pro disco band, and their first two CDs are required listening if you’re having a party, and Madonna simply won’t do. It’s all more complicated than it sounds.