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Hot Wheels

A new book celebrates the coolest dudes and their wheels, from Dean to McQueen.

James Dean, Steve McQueen and Paul Newman are all justly celebrated in the pantheon of stylish cool. Beyond their ability to project that on the big screen, however, the three late greats all shared a passion for automobiles – that in Dean’s case, unfortunately, ended in an untimely demise. That doesn’t detract from the iconic power of the young rebel in his open-topped Porsche, however; quite the opposite, in fact, as evidenced by a cool new book called Behind the Wheel: The Great Automobile Aficionados (Flammarion). Author Robert Puyal takes a look at the three and a host of other hot-rodders, collectors and car designers across the decades, from a young dandy in plus-fours named Jean Bugatti to Enzo Ferrari, Gianni Agnelli and more. The photos in the oversized tome are worth the price of admission alone, while Quentin Tarantino even rates inclusion for sparking a muscle car revival among the Hollywood crowd.