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It Beats “Bubbles”…


eff Koons’ haute-porn pictures resurrected on the UES.

Jeff Koons elevated kitsch to high art and made millions of dollars doing it, laughing all the way to the bank and every major museum while critics carped on about commercialization, tackiness, and sensationalism. They may well have had a point with the artist’s 1990 series Made in Heaven. A celebration of his unholy union with blonde Italian porn star La Cicciolina, it consisted of larger-than-life XXX sculptures and photo montages of the couple performing various acts, some no doubt illegal in certain states (at least they were married). A decade later, Luxembourg & Dayan, an otherwise low-key townhouse gallery on the Upper East Side, has chosen to revive the series with a new exhibition of the graphic images running through January. Giant balloon puppies it ain’t – in other words, not suitable for children unless you want to show them how they got made. As an object lesson in exploring the boundaries of bad taste and provoking a reaction, however, the show is not to be missed. Oh, and Jeff and Cicciolina? Divorced like many so many couples–yet their coupling is immortalized.

LUXEMBOURG & DYLAN | Open to te Public Monday – Friday  11am-4pm