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The West Village’s private Norwood Club thrives, sans the pomp and circumstance, through tough times.

Now going on its third-year anniversary, the Norwood Club-which was founded in 2007 as a private hospice for artistic but not necessarily rich types-has quietly grown to become an incredible and civilized-debauched place to take friends, colleagues, and well, your family for increasingly excellent dinner in the club room, drinks in its topiary-ed garden, and traipsing up the four flights of stairs to see movies and bands, maybe grab a banjo or hop on the piano stool and show your own chops. It’s a bit Gatsby-esque, really.

While at the SoHo House nearby, the flood gates were opened way too wide for too long, the Norwood started small and select, and has earned its stay in the five-story, turn-of-the-century brownstone on West 14th Street, we hope, for many years to come. Some called it “The Snorewood” in its first year. Not anymore. And now it has a serious art collection, and a lived-in vibe, as well as a terrific chef, Nick Grosz, formerly the big cheese at 5 Ninth, 10 Downing, and Momofuku. Along with Sous Chef Jon McCain, the just announced fall menu includes all sorts of autumnal offerings, with strong emphasis on the green market. We love sitting by the fireplace, having a red, eating the charcuterie plate, the lobster rolls, and the steak frites, as well as the top-notch blue-cheese burger.

Check in and see if they’ll have you, or go with a member. It’s a step back, and forward, in time.