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Lakeview’s cool new men’s shop Isle of Man caters to all a stylish gent’s needs.

“Retro” doesn’t begin to do justice to the coolest new shop in Chicago – hell, anywhere – we’ve seen in dog’s years. Isle of Man in Lakeview stocks everything from fedoras, wooden-handled knives, leather belts, cufflinks, sunglasses, and straight razors to vintage luggage and motorcycles, in a tougher version of a London gentleman’s club. The name is not just a double entendre – owners Arthur Holstein and Brice Cooper journeyed to the actual Isle of Man to track down old-school shaving brushes made of genuine badger hair. Aptly described by them as “where Lawrence of Arabia would shop if he were still alive,” the shop also sells their own brand of messenger bags and accessories adorned with the Pan Am logo in homage to the golden days of air travel.