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‘Papa’ Might Not Approve But…

Art & Design

The film adaptation of Hemingway’s ‘Garden of Even’ is casting-call heaven.

Starring Jack Huston (we like the dude), Mena Suvari, Matthew Modine (eh) and Richard E. Grant (bow down), director John Irvin’s adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s posthumous-and disturbingly erotic 1986 novel-hits NYC and L.A. theaters December 10th.

Hollywood progeny Huston plays a 1920s writer on an extended honeymoon with his switch-hitting wife Suvari, and then a lot of bi- action from both ensues. Read: the carless people, timely!

Hemingway, it’s said, may not have wanted it published, as it supposedly came too close to his own bedroom tastes. He’s dead-can’t sue us. But we think it’s going to make for some racy screen time.