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That Sixties Show

Photographer Jerry Schatzberg’s new tome captures the hottest blondes of the modest of decades.

In the annals of classic fashion photography, Jerry Schatzberg’s name isn’t as well known as it ought to be. That’s because the accomplished lens man has most often operated behind the scenes, getting the kind of shots other snappers only dream of. Even if you’ve never heard of him you know his stuff – he shot the cover of Dylan’s 1966 classic “Blonde on Blonde,” for starters. His new book, “Women Then: Photographs 1954 – 1969,” chronicles some of the hottest and coolest chicks of the “Mad Men” era, including Nico, Faye Dunaway, Edie Sedgwick, and Catherine Deneuvem — along with a few surprises like the young Rolling Stones in drag. Pick it up post haste.