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All Those Years Ago


John Lennon’s first wheels up for auction.

What with being a musical genius and all, John Lennon never got around to learning how to drive until he was 25. By that time Beatlemania was in full swing and he’d bought his first mansion in Surrey, UK. Obviously the world’s most famous musician wasn’t going to fart around in an old Ford. The day he got his driver’s license in 1965 the news made all the local papers, and dozens of car dealers lined up outside the gates of his estate offering their wares. From the dizzying array Lennon picked this bright blue Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Coupe, about the most stylish a set of wheels there was. Now Bonham’s is offering the car at their upcoming auction in Paris on Feb. 5. For about $225,000 and some quick work with the paddle you can make them yours.