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Finding Franco23

Out There

If losing an arm and doing the Oscars in drag isn’t enough for our 21st Century Renaissance man, King James is about to be racking hours behind his own bar

You likely know from the dipso-mill that he’s opening a bar-called “The Writers Room” in Hollywood, which will be helmed by Daniel Nelson (of Doheny fame).   There’s been some movement on it since the Oscars, but where the hell is it, and, doesn’t he ever sleep? Helpful Hollywoodites have given us the skinny.

Here’s what a blogger wrote, which sounds pretty accurate: “The venue slated to become The Writers Room used to be known as the “back room” of Musso & Frank until the 1950s when it became part of the Vogue Theater (the two venues are separated by Kubar). Now that the theatre has been transformed into the supper club, this space comes in tow. What that means is that The Writers Room is actually attached to the back of supper club but will not be cross-accessible. This essentially means patrons can’t hop from supper club to The Writers Room and vice versa. As for design, the bar will be modeled after its historical past so expect an antiquated mid-century aesthetic.”

Disclaimer: Don’t know if it’s open yet. Stay tuned. Likely, he’s just catching zzzz’s there, while reading “On the Road” for the third time…until…”Showtime”!