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Dinosaur Show!


The American Museum of Natural History knocks it out of the rotunda with their new Sauropods exhibit.

If you’re an adult, it’s time to go back and recall your gee-wiz innocence. If you have kids, let them have that baptism you had as a magnifying-glass wielder, walking into The American Museum of Natural History for the first time-and oh the things you saw. Dioramas! Mummies! That rabbit’s foot key chain you always wanted from the museum store!

Last weekend, The American Museum of Natural History, all the way uptown next to Central Park opened their incredible new exhibition, “The World’s Largest Dinosaurs.” There’s nothing musty about it. It’s just…awesomeness defined.

Check out the impossible behemoth Mamenchisaurus who is the length of a caravan of buses, and has a brain the size of a chickpea. Speaking of brains, there’s also a great exhibit on that three-pound organ of our own. Here’s a few show photos of those bird-lizard Godzillas that once roamed our home towns.

Check out this video of curators staging the show:

The exhibit runs through January 2, 2012.