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The Aviary Cracks Open its Cocktail Lounge

Food & Drink

New chemistry libation laboratory is about to take the windy city by storm.

Word has it that The Aviary, a high-concept cocktail curiotorium, is finally opening next week. Forget about all those “artisanal” and “hand-crafted” drink salons, Chef Craig Schoettler and his Alinea helpers are taking it to the next level. We’re talking hollowed eggs injected with cocktails, as well as concoctions floating in clear light bulbs. The kitchen looks like a mad scientist’s lab, and the basement has a crew making only specialized ice cubes. There are twenty five cocktails in all, ranging from $12 to $20. When we hit Chicago, though, we’ll be going for their variation on New Orleans’ diabetes-inducing Hurricane. Our pre-opening snoop there says it’s sublime.