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Art & Design

Best-kept-secret Crosley Radio is coolest retro-tech company in world.

Crosley Radio, which invented the portable and car radio, the first portable TV, and for that matter the first soap operas-is still cranking out some of the coolest designed portables, based upon their old models, from the ’30s through the ’50s. Many of them are also subtly equipped with iPod docks. In the past year, we’ve bought various makes for friends, who can’t believe how solid they are, how good they sound, how damned classic they look on a book shelf or kitchen counter.

Our latest purchase was for ourselves, “The Traveler”, an authentic reproduction of a 1950s-style radio with a wood cabinet wrapped in vintage tweed vinyl finished with a leatherette handle and telescopic antenna. The sound may not be Bose, but the look is something else. The AM/FM radio which is the size of big lunchbox, mixes well in home offices, art studios, any little niche needing an appointment with panache. The cost: um, $29.95 (marked down from $69.95). Nuts!

Do go to, and take a walk down Memory Lane forwarded into the 21st Century. And vinyl lovers, click on the “RETRO” items button, and you’ll see some of the chicest repros of old-style turntable briefcases, with iPod docks, they sell online. We hear that they’re opening a Crosley Radio store in a secret location this month! Go, Crosley, go. The “heritage” movement in fashion right now owes much to this innovative, and anything but gimmicky, company. Oh, and no shipping costs!