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Fifty Years of Insider Traveling

With his bitchy new tome, literary journeyman Paul Theroux blows the lid on travel writing, and a half-century of, oh, the places he went (and you didn’t).

If there’s a summer book to read, and look like you’re a smart-ass pants on the beach, it’s Paul Theroux’s just-out “The Tao of Travel.” The author, most famously, of “The Mosquito Coast,” doesn’t hold back-has he ever?-on how lame most ex-pats are (drunk un-official bar mayors) and travel writers who pen pieces for magazines and newspapers on places they’ve never been. This is rich stuff! Besides his own wonderfully snobby essays, culled from a half-century of grabbing his old kit bag and hitting trains, planes and rickshaws around the globe. He also includes great traveler’s tales from the likes of Vladimir Nabokov, J.R.R. Tolkien, Samuel Johnson, Eudora Welty, Evelyn Waugh Mark Twain, and that other Thoreau….Henry David. Buy it, but don’t fly with it; it may floor you.

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