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Newman vs. Redford

Out There

Was there ever a second thought, when it came to personal style?

With the release this month of the long awaited authorized biography about the man that founded Sundance, “Robert Redford: The Biography,” all the attention has returned to the once-dashing actor-turned-director. While women in the past swooned over Redford and his boyish good looks–the precursor to Brad Pitt–Paul Newman was always the real showstopper, sans “the show.” The often cranky and press-shy actor knew how to pull it together even when he was off the set. The costume department for “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” must have known this.

In photos of Newman and Redford, Newman almost looks like he’s dressed for right now (see photo gallery). Whether he was racing his motorcycles or fast cars, or just hanging at home or rigging a boat–Newman had the kind of look that can’t be created. Today, Redford’s like Warren Beatty, that other pretty boy, in that neither know how to look their age, both favoring short bomber jackets and well, that’s about it. Redford was a creation of Hollywood, the Jay Gatsby who wasn’t; Newman was always his own man (his upper-middle-class Midwest upbringing must have had some play in it).

Here, we honor Cool Hand Luke’s style savvy. For more photos of classic Paul Newman, check out a great post at one of our favorite sites The Selvedge Yard which unearthed the incredibly cool photo of Bob and Paul banging it out on the ping-pong table, off the set of “Butch Cassidy.”

Buy the Redford biography here.