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NYC’s The Box and Balthazar to Open in London

Coming soonish to that city where that wedding thing happened: Brit ex-pat Keith McNally–who has done quite swimmingly for himself in Manhattan (Balthazar, Pastis, Minetta Tavern, Pullino’s and on) is returning to his Cockney origins with the opening this coming fall of a Balthazar satellite. The original, and enduring, locale in SoHo, New York, took its cues from Paris train station bistros. No matter. It continues to be great, the equalizer of locals and tourists in a city that segregates randomly. And earlier this Spring, The Box, the debauched retro-Weimar Republic vaudeville show-meets-VIP club of NYC’s Lower East Side, opened an across-the-pond satellite in some decrepit sex club in cleaned-up sex-shop zone SoHo, London in March, and we hear that Prince Harry has already stopped by. What-what, and all that. This is good news, frankly. London couldn’t stop us then, won’t stop us now. Feel the heat, Blighty.