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A Double-Mimosa Toast to Same-Sex Couples!


This Just Inn | Thompson Hotels invites New York’s gay and lesbian couples to come tie the knot, and make a splash, in style

With Gov. Cuomo’s conquest this past week, allowing gay and lesbian couples to legally get hitched here, Thompson Hotels–from the LES to 60 Thompson to 6 Columbus to Smyth and Gild Hall–are proud to announce we continue to open our doors with glee to weddings, receptions, honeymoons and just jolly good fun for same-sex couples everywhere.

Our hotels provide the perfect romantic backdrops to rooftop sunset betrothals, poolside receptions, candlelit engagements, and honeymoon chicanery in our suites. What a great way to celebrate Independence Day, exhibiting liberation, freedom of expression, and generally what the U.S. should be all about. Check out our site and we’ll see what we can do to make it all that much easier (and more economical).