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Newman’s Own is our go-to Summer mixer

Summer’s officially here, and for us that means telling our local grocery to stock up on the Newman’s Own. If you don’t feel like getting all fussy about your weekend cocktails, just buy a carton of the great actor’s signature juice–either the Virgin or the Lightly Sweetened–fill a Collins glass up with ice, and go half and half with either vodka or tequila. We use Wodka brand (under $20) for the vodka (not like you need anything fancy). Pals of ours pour some homemade iced tea into the mix and create a non-virgin Arnie Palmer. When we mix it with tequila, we squeeze a few tiny Mexican limes (not the grocery store “Persians”) into the mix as well to add some pucker, and margarita it out. We’re now hearing that the Newman’s Own Pomegranate is similarly the bee’s knees with vodka. There, we solved your Fourth of July party!