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Declare Your Independence by Flagging Out


Roll over Benjamin Franklin: Star Spangled Banner swimsuits, and one for the boys of summer…

Why are red, white, and blue bikinis and swimsuits so decidedly sexy time? Retro, whimsical and dead ironic statements, yes, for this not all that patriotic-feeling time? While the colors aren’t exactly flattering for all, a tan helps, why not just wrap yourself in the flag and show what you’re made of? After all, the great Olympic medalist Mark Spitz (pictured) had no problem with it. That image was the counter-dormroom poster to Farrah Fawcett’s in her famous red, one-piece bathing suit “back when”–and does HE look like a Nancy Boy to you? Here, a few of our favorite star-spangled banner suits–none of them “designer.” No surprise. The “flashion” camps are so dreadfully P.C. Shop around on the internet: most of the available bikinis cost less than a half-tank of gas. Now THAT’S patriotic.