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Hunter S. Thompson's “Get Shorty" Look


The gonzo-journo great was a leg up on this summer’s big sportswear trend.

In sartorial circles, the late Hunter S. Thompson is best known for his fedoras, shades, and cigarette holders.

As he grew into a man during the “Fear and Loathing,” Nixon Era, he never lost a staple of his youth wardrobe: ’70s-length shorts, which he sported so effortlessly–sans smirk–with short-sleeve shirts and tennis shoes. As men have finally come around to losing the baggy, below-knee surf trunks and are adopting a more body-and-hip-hugging, thigh-length board-rider (Vilebrequin, Lightning Bolt, Parke & Ronen), smart men’s designers are following suit with this Summer’s shorts selection (Marc Jacobs, Billy Reid, even the big department store brands).

If you’re skittish that your sausage factory-dudes will make fun of you showing a little leg, show them this time-traveling gallery of Thompson photos, thanks in part to the incredible iconography-loving website:

And what better time to take style cues from Gonzo’s closet: “The Rum Diary,” film adaptation of his Caribbean-set romp, starring Johnny Depp, hits theaters this Fall. Check out the advance movie poster for the film that we’ve nabbed from a leak. It’s not official yet, but we hope they leave well alone. It’s one of the best film poster’s we’ve seen since “Vertigo” and “The Man with the Golden Arm.”