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Room 100 rocks on…

We’re just checking in. If you’re new to this bi-weekly blog, brought to you by Thompson Hotels–the subtle-luxury inn collective about to be globe-hopping over the pond to London this Fall, with the new London Belgraves Hotel, here’s a CliffsNotes primer of what to expect when turning your key here.

Each month, we seek out and feature on the blog the coolest gallery and museum openings, new accessories shops for men and women, big to-do’s (sometimes “don’t’s”), great new and iconic nightclubs, bars, bistros and music shows we’ve been to and recommend; and photography, music and art books to pick up for their content and vicarious visual candy, among other items we call “Factotum.”

We also provide inside looks at exotic and just plain cool trips we and our friends have been on, as well as what’s going on in Hollywood Land, Chicago, Toronto, Washington D.C., and of course, our home base in NYC. While we have hotels in all of those cities, we like to stretch our parameters, and bring you other places and things of note that are just plain “out there.”

Room 100, now on its second year, does a lot of looking back. From style arbiters who you should take inspiration from (that’s our monthly “Style Icon” photo gallery), to “looks” that never go out of style, to new discoveries on our journeys that are smart enough to be doing what we just said. Getting it. But not boasting about it. We’re seriously easy-breezy.

Expect in the coming months more streaming videos and music we’ve curated for you, all of which reflects the Thompson Hotels’ general rebel-with-a-cause vibe. Wherever you are, Hunter S. Thompson, we wish you well, and hope you’re wearing shorts in Heaven (where we understand there is zero dress code). We were born, after all, in our birthday suits, right?

Let the summer games begin.

Steve Garbarino