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The “see” creatures came out for the debut of Christopher Tennant’s nautically-challenging Aquatic Cases

Last week at NoLita’s Haus Interior Designs boutique, “Official Filthy Rich Handbook” author Chris Tennant unveiled what a life spent admiring and collecting horseshoe crabs amounted to: a super-cool, hand-made roundup of diorama-like marine-life scenes encased in glass and wine crates, what he calls his “Aquatic Box” series. Featuring fish-eye, survival-of-the-fittest narrative “scenes”–dogfish being eaten by crabs, big crab eating little crabs, and the like–these TV-screen-sized vitrines are visually stunning, and would make a great home-office night-light (they’re fitted with LEDs) or standout centerpiece for many a heritage-leaning gentleman (or Wes Anderson fan). Tennant packed the shop with fun notables, serving Miller bottles and champers. Here’s a mini-gallery of his cases, all for sale at Haus Interior.

NoLita Haus Interior Designs: 250 Elizabeth St., NY, NY

Photo Credit: David X Prutting/
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