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The Summer Trinity


Screening our must-have picks of sunblock products

Any Coppertone sun lotion or block immediately takes us back to our childhood. That nostalgia inducing, non-coconut-y smell? Somebody should bottle it as a perfume or cologne, and call it “Summer of ’42,” or ’52, or ’62, or ’72…you get the idea. It’s timeless, and finally somebody hasn’t ruined a good thing. Of their many new products, our favorite is the non-greasy Coppertone Dry Oil Sunscreen in the spray bottle. We get the 10 SPF, as you can still get a tan with it, but back it up with Neutrogena’s Wet Skin 30 block, which is also a spray, and holds up against the few sweaty heat waves we’ve already suffered through. To add some actual sunscreen with golden self-tanner, we turn to the equally nostalgic-smelling Bain de Soleil Mega-Tan SPF 4, in the bottle, not sticky-orange gel which goes on smoothly. Of course, if you burn easily, then don’t follow this vanity plan. Fun trivia: Did you know that Jodie Foster made her television acting debut as a “Coppertone Girl” in the company’s

now-iconic “Tan…Don’t Burn” ad campaign? Below are what the bottles look like.