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Vah-Room to Move


Fashion goes through cycles, but motorcycle style remains classic.

Even if you don’t ride a motorcycle, summertime evokes vicarious images of hitting the road, being a rebel, escaping “The Man,” while being one. Quick trivia: Marlon Brando reportedly was a terrible motorcyclist, who was mocked on the set of 1953’s The Wild One by acting-and-movie rival Lee Marvin, who is pictured in this gallery of notable and unknown two-wheelers over the years, looking like the real deal in the classic biker picture. Marvin, as well as real-life “one-percenter” outlaws also had laughs about Brando’s jaunty cap and neck scarf, which they thought were prissy. Elsewhere here, you’ll see Dennis Hopper in 1968’s The Glory Stompers, which precluded Easy Rider, and of course Captain America’s “Easy” cohorts Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson, doing that thing they do. Letting their freaky flags fly. Plus, no biker picture gallery is complete without a shot of Steve McQueen, pictured here in a scene from “The Great Escape.” The black-and-white Robert Frank photo, featuring one badass dude with his mama, is now a classic. And then…well, there’s those girls of Daytona that love guys that ride. Have you driven a Harley lately? Hitting the beach roads, it may be time.