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King of the Jungle (and Adventurous Fashion Savvy)


For the sepia-favoring photographer-collage-maker Peter Beard, it’s always come, well, naturally.
He’s been called a modern colonialist, who takes advantage of his native African subjects (and fallen big game) by climbing into their skins. He usually is only there long enough to capture that image of a lifetime, then quickly jet-sets back to civilization on Manhattan isle to his lush life and chi-chi play dates who in the past included fabulous types such as Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger, Truman Capote and Iman (who it is said he “discovered,” quite literally). His images, as well as his iconic style–remain indelible. Beard, who to admirers is considered a conservationist and gentleman of the old school, is a ripe seventy-three (in human years), and is said to be ailing. We’ve always seen him as one of the chicest men on the planet, albeit one that’s losing its lions, tigers and elephants yearly. The photo-op crocs he climbed into, as well a alligators, well, they ain’t going away, folks, the natural order. Beard could wear a sarong with a white linen button-down and make it look like “the new suit.” His good looks may have faded, but his photographic “readymades” are one of a kind. Smeared animal blood, clumps of fur, memoir notes, and physical graffiti were all part of their materials. Here, a photo essay of some of the many great faces of Beard, from Peter O’Toole-beautiful youth to the ragged beauty of his later years. Keep the tribal drums banging, good sir.