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Looking for the Cool Factor in D.C.?


Try the pool parties at Thompson’s Donovan House-it’s an inn-sider scene, man.

The beltway crowd isn’t always known for being hip to the scene. Nevertheless, it’s there, here and there, but notably at Donovan House, where nearly every night there’s a party at the poolside. Here’s the evening programming in which you don’t necessarily have to get in the water to have some fun and meet the girl or guy of your wet and dry dreams:

  • Sundays: Sponsored by Heineken Light, pool party with local models serving discounted-and-free libations: from 3pm ’til midnight.
  • Mondays: Service industry night, featuring some of the best DJs in the “citay,” and all those hot D.C. bartenders and “waitrons” that have lived a little.
  • Tuesdays: GLBT, featuring rooftop performances.
  • Wednesdays: Urban Night (boys, wear a belt, please.)
  • Thursdays: International night (gives the UN Plaza bar a run for its fez and maniskirts).
  • Fridays and Saturdays: (get there early, we sell out-loads o’ fun).

The rooftop pool terrace has hosted fetes for Serena Williams’ GLAAD, Argentina polo teams, and anyone that’s not a BOLDFACE but still cool.

Through August and into September, it will be hosting book parties, Red Bull, and many, many awesome DJs.

Donovan House is located at: 1155 14th Street, NW Washington, DC 20005; telephone: 202.737.1200. Check out the whole spread at Thompson Hotels website.