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Dr. No's Many Returns


The belted bikini bottom, say yes, Martini & Rossi, yes.

Three years ago, ASHA Couture did something wickedly-smart: they lifted that 007 look of the bikini bottom with the fat ’60s belt, and it was a smash. Now ASHA has put out some more subdued varieties, mostly in earth colors with a thinner belt. However, the iconic one still remains a hit. From Venus to Michael Kors (which boasts some of the chicest of them all), the belt isn’t going away. To women we’ve spoken too, it makes them feel like they’re wearing a knife belt or holster sling, and it flatters the hips and legs, sculpts it all. To dudes, it just makes them think of Ursula Andress, holding a shell as Sean Connery looks on, agog, wearing a belted bathing suit in a few films himself. Here, some of ASHA’s new and older lines, and some others that make the cut.

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