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Island Records founder Chris Blackwell strikes Black Gold with the national debut of his yummy dark rum.

A year ago, a friend of ours had just returned from Jamaica, where she was interviewing Island Records founder Chris Blackwell. Blackwell, that is, famous for discovering Bob Marley and later pressing records for the likes of U2, Amy Winehouse, the Jolly Boys and so many other great musical artists. The friend brought us a housewarming gift that lived up to its name. Suffering through a New Orleans summer, we welcomed our pal as she entered with a distinct liquor bottle in hand. It was a coveted cache of Blackwell Black Gold dark rum. Unlike many other “celebrity” and vanity booze brands, it blew us away. Rich, exotic, downright tropical, and drinkable in a short glass sans Cola or any other mixer–just on the rocks. As of this past weekend, when Blackwell had a big Montauk hoo-hah in the Jamaica-level downpour, the rum will be available at liquor stores near you. Keeping his record of doing things taste-fully, Blackwell (pictured here in 1982 with Dickie Jobson and the singularly-named Countryman) would get Jack Sparrow’s seal of approval. The bottle will look mighty fine on your wet bar.