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BlackBook Turns 15!


The magazine of culture, nightlife and photography will not be ignored.

Full disclosure: I was the Manhattan-based glossy’s editor for several years, and it’s a testament to BlackBook that it still exists, let alone, remains relevant in the social-networking cult-chuh. So many “alternative mags” have fallen to the wayside in the past five years.

Celebrating 15 years of distinct coverage of what’s hot and iconic out there, while breaking up-and-coming stars, artists, writers, musicians and photographers, BlackBook now has even more of a visible presence on-line, with its website and multiple-city guides. One can’t call up the name of a new bar or club without BlackBook being up there on top. And we trust the info-another rarity.

We love the split-run cover on the current issue–and both Kate and Alex are decidedly cover-worthy, as we say in da biz. Back when, this writer pulled that time-honored gimmick with Edward (don’t call him “Ed”) Norton and Naomi Watts gracing our Hollywood Issue cover. It was our debut issue editing the mag. Fun serendipity! We miss working with “the kids.”

You go, BlackBook! And no, you CAN NOT go to the anniversary party. It’s INVITE ONLY. We just wanted to show you some of the stellar covers over the years…