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Byrne, Baby, Byrne!

Art & Design

That guy on the bicycle, don’t he never stop? King David blows up the Earth.

Another reason to say frick-all, and do what the tourists do: Hit the Meat District’s wooly-awesome High Line, and discover its worldly pleasures. David Byrne has created an installation he blew up all by himself, entitled “Tight Spot.” It’s a giant inflatable globe that barely fits under the High Line at 10th Avenue and 25th Street (OK, so it’s Chelsea). An audio plays the voice of The Man in the Big Yellow Jacket railing about something or other. Who cares what he’s trilling. This is a photo-op, gallery-loathing people! The world was created September 15. Won’t be around much longer. A delinquent’s primo BB-gun target. Enjoy it while you can.